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How Explainer Videos Can Increase ROI

When you spend time, resources and talent in making explainer videos, it is only natural to expect bigger outcomes in terms of return on investment (ROI).

Video marketing has been proven to be the most effective form of marketing. Explainer videos have content that provides the best ROI.  Here’s how explainer video can increase your ROI.

More convincing

People nowadays want an easy way for them to understand what problems they have that your product or service is solving in order to be convinced to choose your brand over the rest. An animated explainer video manages to convince a potential client in a way that is both fun and appealing, and in a very short time.

Boost visibility

A good explainer video will showcase your products so that it can be seen by your customers. Additionally, marketing videos can enhance your visibility in search engines such as Google and YouTube. This means that your website will be more reachable and the average visitor time will increase significantly ultimately leading to more conversions.

Provides free publicity on social media

Video is the most shared content on social networks. With that in mind, making a killer animated explainer video can allow you to enjoy free publicity that comes with social media when your video goes viral. The explainer video acts as an independent marketing tool promoting your products to a wide audience. And when more visitors come to your website, they’re more likely to turn into actual customers.

Studies show that, on average, animated explainer videos can grow conversions by 20%.

Boots brand

A customized explainer video with important characters and colors can greatly engage your audience on a personal level. And if they can relate to the message you’re getting across, they’ll definitely feel closer to your brand. In the long-run, you can build a huge customer following based on your brand equity.

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