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Meet Mark. Mark spends most of his day working hard on managing the Market Recovery program. Despite his best efforts, contractors are complaining that they do not get a timely response to their Market Recovery Requests and are missing their bid dates. This makes him upset and so he investigates. Mark discovers that the most recent request came in via fax. Jessie, the data entry person could not read that request because of the handwriting on the fax. Jessie explains to Mark that in order to get all the information from the contractor, multiple correspondences via phone, email and fax were made. By the time the request reached Mark, it was too late. So Mark asks the million dollar question, “Why can’t contractors submit correct information directly into our system?” Fortunately for Mark, Union Impact is the answer.

Union Impact is a cloud based Market Recovery Management System where contractors can: Submit New Requests, View the status of existing requests, and report hours on approved projects. Today Mark is happy. With Union Impact, Mark can view submitted information, manage the Market Recovery budget and respond with a just few clicks. Now, Mark can manage the entire Market Recovery program from one secure place and has time to spare.

Client website: www.unionimpact.com

Client location: United States of America(USA) United States