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Welcome to the Agent Masterclass training section of the HUB.  Below are a series of hand picked training videos that are engaging, thought provoking and interactive. With personal development featuring as one of our corporate values – we have committed to bring you the best available knowledge and advice to help you to develop in your role.

Lee and I have selected the below videos and both commented how we wished information like this was available when we first started in 1998! We all know that peak performance relies upon conscious and consistent effort. Repetition is also the mother of all skills and our strong recommendation is to follow each of the selected videos and study them at least twice.  Agent masterclass is delivered by Richard Rawlings who has a proven track record in developing talented agents and consultants. Richard goes straight to the heart of issues that affect your daily success, and has ideas and techniques that can be put to immediate use.
Make time in your day to find a focused atmosphere, bring an open mind and a notebook to hand and see what skills you can learn, refine or be reminded of.

Client website: www.elliotlee.co.uk

Client location: United Kingdom United Kingdom(Great Britain)