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John works in maintenance for a major industrial corporation. On site, he notices one of the pipes is cracked. Instead of reporting it to everyone with various e-mails, messages and reports, John uses Hinster to take a picture of the pipe. The photo is immediately shared with John’s team. Once notified, each member places dots around the crack and comment in order to give John solutions on how to solve the issue. They can even invite an external consultant to help out. Upon approval from management, John is given clearance to use the best solution right away. Good job, team! All contributions are saved in a smart company memory; if anyone ever faces a cracked pipe again, they can look into how John’s team solved the issue for inspiration. With Hinster, teams acknowledge and solve issues faster whilst contributing to a smart memory that retains the precious know-how of organizations.

Client website: www.hinster.com

Client location: United States